Fall 2016 is one of “escapes”…either from scary things and bad news or from the dreariness of everyday repetitiveness.

Key elements in the escape are:

*Nordic themes

*The great ourdoors –
sky, clouds, mountains, icebergs, wildlife

*Surrealistic images
*Brocades and brocade prints, velvets and lace

Watch for color:
*Wine tones – cabernet and merlot
*Gold and gold tones
*transparent fibers
*Pinks – Blush to Fuchsia

Look for details:
*Metal trims
*Shine – crystals, transparent fibers and patent (shiny) fabrics
*Faux fur
*Pin stripes and plaids
*Feather prints
*Market prints
*One shoulder styles

Fall 2016 …Fall 2016MFG web logo '13We have big news in the Women’s Division….Showroom #14785 has moved to #14765. It is one hall closer to the Atrium. We can’t wait to show you our “new home”.  We will be showcasing Caribe, Et Lois, Eucalyptus Clothing, Prairie Cotton and Shana Apparel.  Our contact information ( phone, email, et cetera) have remained the same.



 Using Color to Sell

Take a look at the color wheel.  There are combinations that seem to work for all of us:

Color chart

Monochromatic – The most obvious uses the same color but perhaps different fabrications and textures to create an over all look.  Think red dress with red shoes and red scarf.  With the appearance of tone-on-tone, it is an elegant look.

Complimentary – This combination is made by using colors across the color wheel.  The look gives a sharp contrast and results in vibrant prints.  It also explains why red heads look so good in greens.  Some experts suggest picking one color to be the dominate one and use less of the second color – like a print that is mostly purple with orange accents.

Analogous – Using neighbors on the color wheel give a natural flow to the eye.  Again, let one color be the star and the other two play supporting roles.  Most suggest using like intensities of the colors ie. pastels with pastels or bold with bold.  When you mix them, one of the colors loses.  An easy example is a sunrise or sunset.

Split Complimentary – This combines two analogous colors with a complimentary color…This is a great way to accessorize.  In an outfit with two analogous colors, add a complimentary color as a scarf, necklace or earrings.  We often hear it referred to as a splash of color.  Think about purple and blue with an orange scarf or shoes!